What is Friends of Ortley Beach?

Friends of Ortley Beach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit volunteer organization committed to enhancing, protecting, and sustaining the natural beauty and resources of our barrier island community while celebrating community spirit through cultural, artistic, educational and social initiatives and events.

While Ortley Beach is part of Toms River Township, it is distinct in its history and location. Each year we offer a variety of programs that bring residents, visitors and vacationers together.

FOB members receive early access to event notifications, invitations to membership meetings, and opportunities to volunteer at our events. We are always looking for new members, and we welcome your participation.

It’s easy to become a member of Friends of Ortley Beach (FOB) and connect with other like-minded individuals dedicated to fostering a more vibrant Ortley Beach community, Just visit the Friends of Ortley Beach website and click on “Membership.” where you can join instantly or mail in your application. You need not be an Ortley Beach resident to join.

Annual dues are $10 for individual memberships and $20 for a family membership. Membership fees are our primary source of revenue. The membership year begins in April. You will be notified when it’s time for you to renew your membership.

Donations to Friends of Ortley Beach are greatly appreciated and contribute to our ability to organize events, fund community projects, and support our mission. You can make a donation through our website by clicking on the “Donate” button or contacting our Treasurer for alternative donation methods. Donors will receive acknowledgement for their contributions. (As a 501(c)(3) organization donations may be tax-deductible; membership dues are not.)

Over time, Friends of Ortley Beach has a diverse array of events and activities, including family beach parties, craft shows, doggie days, kite nights, lecture series, and more. Additionally, the group has awarded scholarships. Each year our programs differ depending upon resources, goals and priorities.

Members stay informed about Friends of Ortley Beach through our general email newsletter, member emails and by attending membership meetings. You can also follow us on social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter)  or regularly visit our website.

While membership is not mandatory to attend most events, we encourage you to join and actively engage in our organization. Membership meetings are for members only.

Volunteers are at the heart of our organization and we welcome your time and talents. Just click on our online Volunteer form. Most volunteer assignments are with special program events. However, you may have particular talents, such as writing, speaking, organizational or technical skills that are useful to us. Volunteering is an important part of FOB as we try to keep our expenses down and encourage working together.

While both are nonprofit organizations with similar missions to enhance the quality of life in Ortley Beach, NJ, the OBVTA provides information and services to residents and businesses of Ortley Beach, and liaises with Toms River Township, Ocean County, and the State of New Jersey to provide input on community issues and concerns. The two groups operate independently, but often collaborate on issues and activities. Membership in OBVTA is separate from Friends of Ortley Beach.

We believe in fostering relationships that benefit both our organization and the local business community. Friends of Ortley Beach collaborates with local businesses through various means, such as sponsorship opportunities for events and partnerships to support community initiatives. Contact our Secretary for more details on how we can work together.

We welcome and encourage members to share their ideas for events or projects that align with our mission and objectives. You can submit your proposal or suggestion by contacting our FOB secretary, or you may attend a membership meeting to discuss your idea, or reach out to any officer or board member.

Generally, FOB works with Toms River Township and OBVTA when planning events and programs seeking permission, coordination and partnership opportunities. FOB officers and staff may also be associated with the town and OBVTA. FOB, however, does not handle local problems or complaints which should be addressed by the Toms River police, township officials or voiced to the OBVTA if you are a local property owner.